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C82 was born from a desire to display the digital art I created and the hope of getting my name out there in the online world. Over time it evolved into a playground for personal experiements and a vehicle for voicing my opinion art and the web.


I'm often asked about the origin of this site's name and the answer is a bit corny. When I started making digital art, I wanted a better screen name that reflected who I was creatively. I chose "Creativ82" in all my creative wisdom (the 82 respresenting the year of my birth) and despite the confusion it was prone to causing, it stuck. When it came time to create a site for myself, I shortened the name to C82 and used that. Peculiar? Yes, but it's grown on me.

Zazzle and deviantART

Much of the art on this site is sold as high-quality posters on Zazzle and deviantART—online communities for sharing custom artwork. Both sites allow me to offer my work in a variety of sizes and materials at good prices. I've been a member of both for several years and can personally attest to the quality of the posters. I'm a picky person and both services have impressed me a great deal.

Nicholas Rougeux

I am a Chicago-based self-taught web developer and artist. Before Chicago, life started for me in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. Having been around computers and graphics my entire life, I have acquired a variety of skills in both digital art and web development, along with a profound appreciation for art.

Fractal art is among my favorite types of art and I feel it's greatly underappreciated. Thankfully, I've enjoyed raising awareness of it and watching it blossom into a respected artform.

Since my start in the digital art and online worlds, simplicity and clarity have played key roles in what I have created. With everyhing I create, I try to embrace these concepts.


The City of the Arts and the Sciences (2007)
Three fractal artworks shown at two exhibits—La Mar de Números (The Sea of Numbers) and Las Formas del Universo (Forms of the Universe)—showcasing how fractal art mimics nature's wonders.
Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest (2006 & 2010)
One of a handful of winners chosen featured in exhibitions in Madrid, Buenos Aires, San Sebastian, Bilbao, and Hyderabad.


Exposé 3 (2005) / Exposé 6 (2008)
One of a select few fractal artists chosen for the popular series showcasing the "finest digital art in the known universe."
Computer Arts magazine (2004)
Fractal artwork featured in the Exposure section of issue #97
Digital Creative Arts magazine (2004)
Fractal artwork was featured in the Portfolio section of issue #9
Digit magazine (2004)
Fractal artwork was featured in the Portfolio section of issue #69
Isotope Literary Journal (2004)
Fractal artwork featured as an illiustration in the fall/winter issue


CSS Zen Garden (2005)
Official design #160
deviantART Shop (2004)
Interviewed for the Featured Artist section

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