Genus Sphenoproctus Cab.

Of this form there are evidently two species—one inhabiting Mexico, and the other Guatemala. It has always been considered by Trochilidists that the 15th Plate of the Supplement to ‘Lesson’s Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux-mouches’ represents one or other of them, but that he was in error in giving the interior of La Plata as its habitat. I have not been able to see Lesson’s type; otherwise I could have ascertained to which of the two it has reference, or whether it is different from both. My figures were taken from Guatemalan specimens, and Lesson’s plate would appear to have been taken from an example procured in the same country; consequently the term Pampa must be retained for the Guatemalan bird, while for the larger and stouter Mexican birds we must use Lichtenstein’s name curvipennis.


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