Nicholas Rougeux

Midwest data artist and designer


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Making of The Color Printer
March 13, 2023

Unlike previous projects, I designed the poster based on Earhart’s 1892 treatise, The Color Printer before giving much thought to the design of the website. In fact, I wasn’t going to make a full digital edition but completing the poster poster made it so much more approachable and enjoyable.

Making of The Four Books of Architecture
January 8, 2023

Architecture has grabbed my attention repeatedly since I was young—from studying it in high school and making buildings in video games to designing websites for firms winning architectural awards. It’s fitting that my interest is piqued once again for a digital edition of one of the oldest and most well known architectural publications: Palladio’s treatise, The Four Books of Architecture.

Making of Mathematical Instruments
September 18, 2022

I work best with existing material—whether that be images, ideas, spreadsheets, documentation, books, etc. That existing material defines the boundaries I need to create something more. When I stumble across a nice chunk of material that has those boundaries (like an old unique book), excitement really sets in. This is what I felt when I found Nicolas Bion’s treatise on mathematical instruments from 1709.

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