To conduct the operations of the news composing-room, a superintendent, or, as he is technically called, a ‘printer,’ is invariably appointed, who must necessarily possess a good practical knowledge of the art, and be familiar with the mode in which newspapers are managed. He acts as the medium between the compositor and the editor; receives and gives out all copy, in such portions, and with such directions, as he may think most conducive to its speedy execution; and he, or his deputies, make up the paper into columns and pages, the printer, however, being held responsible for the acts of those whom he appoints to assist him. He also has, generally, the power of engaging or dismissing hands, as being, from this peculiar position, the best able to judge whether any particular compositor discharges his duties efficiently or not. From this it is evident, that the printer of a morning, or indeed any other paper, is a person of considerable consequence in a printing-office; as upon his decision, regularity, and ability, must depend, in a great measure, the regular and satisfactory production of the paper at the stated times.

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