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The Copyright Amendment Act (5 & 6 Vic, cap. 45) enacts that, to secure copyright in literary productions, the proprietor shall make entry “in the Registry Book of the Stationers’ Company, of the Title of such Book, the Time of the first Publication thereof, the Name and Place of abode of the Publisher thereof, and the Name and Place of abode of the Proprietor of the Copyright of the said Book, or of any portion of such Copyright, in the Form in that Behalf given in the Schedule to this Act annexed, upon Payment of the Sum of Five Shillings to the Officer of the said Company; and that it shall be lawful for every such registered Proprietor to assign his Interest, or any Portion of his Interest therein, by making Entry in the said Book of Registry of such Assignment, and of the Name and Place of Abode of the Assignee thereof, in the Form given in that Behalf in the said Schedule, on Payment of the like Sum; and such Assignment so entered shall be effectual in Law to all Intents and Purposes whatsoever, without being subject to any Stamp or Duty, and shall be of the same Force and Effect as if such Assignment had been made by Deed.”

The following is the form of requiring entry of proprietorship.

I A.B. of do hereby certify, That I am the Proprietor of the Copyright of a Hook, intituled Y.Z., and I hereby require you to make Entry in the Register Book of the Stationers’ Company of my Proprietorship of such Copyright according to the Particulars underwritten.

Title of Book. Name of Publisher and Place of Publication Name and Place of Abode of the Proprietor of the Copyright. Date of First Publication.
Y.Z. A.B.

Dated this ................ day of .......................... 18....
Witness C. D. (Signed) A. B.

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