Wood type

Type cut on wood, for large placards, &c. To prevent warping, all very large wood type should be set up on the edge when put away, so that both sides may be equally exposed to the air. In cleaning it, neither ley nor water should be employed under any circumstances. Turpentine, camphene, benzine, or kerosene oil may be used; but turpentine and camphene are the best. Procure a small, shallow pan; lay the forme flat on a board; pour out six tablespoonfuls of turpentine into the pan: touch the face of the brush to the turpentine, and pass it quickly over the forme before it evaporates. Six to eight spoonfuls of fluid will be found sufficient to clean a large forme, if thus used.


Type used for placards, cards, and other jobs which require a larger character than is ordinarily cast in metal. Wood type is sold in founts consisting of so many letters—usually of 5½, 8, and 11 dozen, if caps, or caps and lower case 11, 13½ and 16 dozen, besides 2 dozen of figures. The usual proportions of vowels and consonants to each fount are:—

  • 5½ dozen
  • 8,,
  • 11,,
  • 13½,,
  • 4 E’s
  • 5,,
  • 7,,
  • 9,,
  • 2 M’s
  • 3,,
  • 4,,
  • 5,,

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