Posters of roads around the world outlined only by their roads in beautiful detail

"Road" by Myan Brenn, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Choose from over 300 cities in over 80 countries

Roads are everywhere. We travel them daily and rarely give them a second thought. They outline our neighborhoods and cities and sometimes define cultural boundaries. They're usually only visible on maps, covered by labels and accompanied by landmarks. I wanted to see what they look like on their own. Each city appears to have its own personality and sub-personalities based on patterns drawn by its roads. Whether or not these personalities coincide with its culture is something I leave to the viewers.

Popular cities

  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Stockholm
  • New York City
  • Detroit
  • Boston
  • Tokyo
  • Copenhagen
  • Beijing
  • Chicago

Simply roads. Every road.

Only roads are shown on each poster. No labels, no extra colors, and no landmarks. Natural formations like rivers and coastlines are visible because of the roads that outline them.


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