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Google's Chrome needs polishing but is off to a good start
September 2, 2008

In case you haven't already heard, Google released Chrome today—its new browser built based on how the web is used today compared to several years ago. Considering its been in development for two years, it's amazing that knowledge about it has been limited to rumors until yesterday. After using it as my primary browser for an afternoon, I found several awesome and not-so-awesome parts.

On one condition…
October 17, 2005

Last week, there was a post made on the IEBlog recommending the use of conditional comments instead of CSS hacks to target IE browsers. The IE team has diligently been working to fix many of the parsing bugs present in previous versions and they claim that continuing to use CSS hacks will cause sites to look peculiar in IE7 since the common hacks won't work any more. My response: Why?

IE's beta Developer Toolbar
September 17, 2005

The folks on the IE team announced the availability of the beta of a new toolbar for IE geared towards web developers. Taking their cue almost directly from Chris Pederick, developer of the popular Web Developer extention for Firefox, the new tool has plenty of features that are remarkably similar to its competitor, but also some new handy ones.

Public browser development
April 23, 2005

The amount of progress on browser development made available to the public between companies ranges from almost anything you want to know to next to nothing. There are others but those are the extremes. This has me wondering, why aren't we given answers to the questions we ask about the development process?

February 16, 2005

As if I could resist mentioning the recent announcement of IE7. Just yesterday at the RSA Security conference, Bill Gates announced that a beta the next version of Internet Explorer will be made available this summer.