Metallura eupogon

Red-throated Copper-tail

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This species of Copper-tail was discovered by Mr. Jelski, at Maraynioc, in Peru.

It is a very distinct species, having the centre of the throat metallic red instead of bluish or metallic green. Nothing has been recorded of its habits, and the female is at present unknown.

The following description is translated from Dr. Taczanowski’s work on the Birds of Peru:—

Adult male. Head above bronzy green, slightly scaly in appearance, with a somewhat more dusky disk; upper surface of body with the upper tail-coverts bronzy green; under surface of body uniform with the upper surface; an oblong patch on the throat, scaly in appearance and of a brilliant fiery reddish copper-colour; feathers of the centre of the breast dusky grey at the base, the abdominal plumes marked with a pale band before the bronzy tip; vent white; under tail-coverts bronzy, broadly margined with rufous; tail slightly truncated, the tail-feathers bronzy, with a brilliant blue lustre, the lower surface coppery bronze.

[R. B. S.]


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