Æsop Blooms

Reimagining classic fables as colorful bouquets

Flowers, like fables, start innocently enough and transform into something beautiful. Æsop Blooms connects these two ideas—transforming the text of famous fables into colorful bouquets of flowers. Posters were created for the 147 fables from the book, The Æsop for Children—each with a unique colorful palette based on photos of flowers and nature landscapes.

How to read them: Each poster includes an entire fable. Each flower is a paragraph from that fable and its petals are the words. The size of each petal corresponds to the length of the word. Petal rotation is clockwise from top and is based on when words occur in each paragraph with the shortest in front and longest in back. The size of the core at the center of each flower corresponds to the length of the paragraph and is numbered for when it occurs in the fable.

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About the fables chosen: The number of fables attributed to Æsop and their interpretations numbers in the hundreds—from limericks and short stories, to novels and cartoons. The fables chosen for this project are from the book The Æsop for Children: with Pictures by Milo Winter, published in 1919. It is considered to be in the public domain.


Starting at $27.80 for 24×36″. More sizes available on ordering page.