This is the full collection of the 240 illustrations of country mansions drawn by Alexander Lydon for A Series of Picturesque Views of Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland.

Browse illustrations by unique features (tag), geographically, or by an index of location and owner. Illustrations can be sorted bye the order they appeared in the original six-volume set (book appearance), alphabetically by name, or by the distance from the vantage point of the scene depicted (vantage distance).

Owners’ names will be found in those lines printed in italics.
Volumes reference the original volume in which the illustrations were printed.


  1. Abbotsford, Roxburghshire, Scott vol. v
  2. Abercairny, Perthshire, Home-Drummond vol. v
  3. Abercorn, Duke of, Barons Court, County Tyrone, Ireland vol. iv
  4. Aberdeen, Earl of, Haddo House, Aberdeenshire vol. iv
  5. Abingdon, Earl of, Wytham Abbey, Oxfordshire vol. ii
  6. Abney-Hastings, Donington Hall, Leicestershire vol. v
  7. Ackers, Moreton Hall, Cheshire vol. iii
  8. Acton Reynald Hall, Shropshire, Corbet, Baronet vol. vi
  9. Adare Manor, County Limerick, Ireland, Earl of Dunraven vol. iv
  10. Aldby Park, Yorkshire, Darley vol. v
  11. Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, Duke of Northumberland vol. ii
  12. Alton Towers, Staffordshire, Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot vol. i
  13. Andrson, Baronet, Baron, Lea, Lincolnshire vol. i
  14. Anglesey, Marquis of, Beaudesert, Staffordshire vol. ii
  15. Apley Park, Shropshire, Foster vol. vi
  16. Appleby Castle, Westmoreland, Tufton, Baronet vol. iv
  17. Arbury Hall, Warwickshire, Newdegate vol. iii
  18. Ardtully, Kerry, Orpen, (Knight) vol. ii
  19. Argyll, Duke of, Inverary Castle, Argyllshire vol. i
  20. Arkwright, Hampton Court, Herefordshire vol. ii
  21. Arundel Castle, Sussex, Duke of Norfolk vol. iv
  22. Ashcombe Park, Staffordshire, Sneyd vol. iv
  23. Aske Hall, Yorkshire, Earl of Zetland vol. v
  24. Astley Hall, Lancashire, De Hoghton, Baronet vol. v
  25. Audley End, Essex, Lord Braybrooke vol. ii


  1. Badminton House, Gloucestershire, Duke of Beaufort vol. ii
  2. Bagshot Park, Berkshire, His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught vol. vi
  3. Bailey, Baronet, Baron, Glanusk Park, Brecknockshire vol. i
  4. Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire, The Royal Private Residence vol. i
  5. Baroness North, Baron, Kirtling Tower, Cambridgeshire vol. iv
  6. Barons Court, County Tyrone, Ireland, Duke of Abercorn vol. iv
  7. Bath, Marquis of, Longleat, Wiltshire vol. v
  8. Beaconsfield, Earl of, Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire vol. v
  9. Bearcroft, Meer Hall, Worcestershire vol. vi
  10. Bearwood, Berkshire, Walter vol. vi
  11. Beaudesert, Staffordshire, Marquis of Anglesey vol. ii
  12. Beaufort, Duke of, Badminton House, Gloucestershire vol. ii
  13. Bective, Earl of, Underley Hall, Westmoreland vol. iv
  14. Bedford, Duke of, Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire vol. ii
  15. Belmore, Earl of, Castle Coole, County Fermanah, Ireland vol. iv
  16. Belvoir Castle, Lincolnshire, Duke of Rutland vol. ii
  17. Beningbrough Hall, Yorkshire, Dawnay vol. v
  18. Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, Baron Fitzhardinge vol. vi
  19. Bestwood Lodge, Nottinghamshire, Duke of St. Albans vol. iii
  20. Birr Castle, King's County, Ireland, Earl of Rosse vol. iii
  21. Bishop of Rochester, Danbury Palace, Essex vol. ii
  22. Bishops Court, County Kildare, Ireland, Earl of Clonmell vol. iv
  23. Blenheim, Oxfordshire, Duke of Marlborough vol. i
  24. Boughton, Baronet, Baron, Downton Hall, Shropshire vol. v
  25. Bowood Park, Wiltshire, Marquis of Lansdowne vol. v
  26. Boyne, Lord, Brancepeth Castle, Durham vol. vi
  27. Boynton, Baronet, Baron, Burton-Agnes Hall, Yorkshire vol. i
  28. Bramhall Hall, Cheshire, Davenport vol. v
  29. Brancepeth Castle, Durham, Lord Boyne vol. vi
  30. Brand, Glynde Place, Sussex vol. v
  31. Brantingham Thorpe, Yorkshire, Sykes vol. iii
  32. Brassey, Preston Hall, Kent vol. iii
  33. Brassey, Normanhurst, Sussex vol. vi
  34. Brassey, Heythrop, Oxfordshire vol. vi
  35. Braybrooke, Lord, Audley End, Essex vol. ii
  36. Breadalbane, Earl of, Taymouth Castle, Perthshire vol. ii
  37. Brechin Castle, Forfarshire, Earl of Dalhousie vol. vi
  38. Broadlands, Hampshire, Cowper-Temple vol. i
  39. Brockley Hall, Somersetshire, Smyth-Pigott vol. vi
  40. Brooke, Caen Wood Towers, Middlesex vol. iii
  41. Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire, Lord Saye and Sele vol. iii
  42. Buccleuch, Duke of, Drumlanrig Castle, Dumfriesshire, Scotland vol. iv
  43. Buccleuch, Duke of, Dalkeith Palace, Mid Lothian vol. v
  44. Buckingham and Chandos, Duke and Marquis of, Stowe Park, Buckinghamshire vol. ii
  45. Bulwell Hall, Nottinghamshire, Cooper vol. iv
  46. Burghley House, Lincolnshire, Marquis of Exeter vol. i
  47. Burton Constable, Yorkshire, Constable, Baronet vol. i
  48. Burton-Agnes Hall, Yorkshire, Boynton, Baronet vol. i


  1. Caen Wood Towers, Middlesex, Brooke vol. iii
  2. Caledon, County Tyrone, Ireland, Earl of Caledon vol. iv
  3. Caledon, Earl of, Caledon, County Tyrone, Ireland vol. iv
  4. Canterbury, Viscount, Witchingham Hall, Norfolk vol. iv
  5. Capernwray, Lancashire, Marton vol. iv
  6. Capesthorne, Cheshire, Davenport vol. iii
  7. Carlisle, Earl of, Castle Howard, Yorkshire vol. i
  8. Carnanton, Cornwall, Willyams vol. iv
  9. Carrington, Lord, Wycombe Abbey, Buckinghamshire vol. vi
  10. Carysfort, Earl of, Elton Hall, Northamptonshire vol. iv
  11. Cassiobury Park, Hertfordshire, Earl of Essex vol. ii
  12. Castle Coole, County Fermanah, Ireland, Earl of Belmore vol. iv
  13. Castle Forbes, Aberdeenshire, Lord Forbes vol. v
  14. Castle Hill, Devonshire, Earl Fortescue vol. vi
  15. Castle Howard, Yorkshire, Earl of Carlisle vol. i
  16. Castle Macgarrett, County of Mayo, Lord Oranmore vol. vi
  17. Chamberlayne, Cranbury Park, Hampshire vol. i
  18. Charlecote, Warwickshire, Lucy vol. i
  19. Chatsworth, Derbyshire, Duke of Devonshire vol. i
  20. Chillingham Castle, Northumberland, Earl of Tankerville vol. vi
  21. Cholmley, Howsham Hall, Yorkshire vol. i
  22. Cholmondeley, Marquis of, Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire vol. ii
  23. Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire, Marquis of Cholmondeley vol. ii
  24. Chomeley, Baronet, Baron, Easton Hall, Lincolnshire vol. iii
  25. Clarke-Thornhill, Rushton Hall, Northamptonshire vol. iv
  26. Cleveland, Duke of, Raby Castle, Durham vol. ii
  27. Clifford, Lord, Ugbrooke, Devonshire vol. ii
  28. Clifton Hall, Nottinghamshire, Clifton, Baronet vol. ii
  29. Clifton, Baronet, Baron, Clifton Hall, Nottinghamshire vol. ii
  30. Cliveden, Berkshire, Duke of Westminster vol. vi
  31. Clonmell, Earl of, Bishops Court, County Kildare, Ireland vol. iv
  32. Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire, Duke of Newcastle vol. ii
  33. Cobham Hall, Kent, Earl of Darnley vol. ii
  34. Collingwood, Lilburn Tower, Northumberland vol. vi
  35. Combermere, Viscount, Combermere Abbey, Shropshire vol. ii
  36. Combermere Abbey, Shropshire, Viscount Combermere vol. ii
  37. Compton Verney, Warwickshire, Lord Willoughby de Broke vol. iii
  38. Connaught, His Royal Highness the Duke of, Bagshot Park, Berkshire vol. vi
  39. Constable, Baronet, Baron, Burton Constable, Yorkshire vol. i
  40. Cooper, Bulwell Hall, Nottinghamshire vol. iv
  41. Corbet, Baronet, Baron, Acton Reynald Hall, Shropshire vol. vi
  42. Corbet-Pigott, Sundorne Castle, Shropshire vol. vi
  43. Corsham Court, Wiltshire, Lord Methuen vol. ii
  44. Coughton Court, Warwickshire, Throckmorton, Baronet vol. iii
  45. Countess of Caledon, Tyttenhanger Park, Hertfordshire vol. iv
  46. Countess of Cardigan, Deene Park, Northamptonshire vol. iv
  47. Cowdray Park, Sussex, Earl of Egmont vol. v
  48. Cowper, Earl, Panshanger Park, Hertfordshire vol. ii
  49. Cowper-Temple, Broadlands, Hampshire vol. i
  50. Cranbrook, Viscount, Hemsted Park, Kent vol. vi
  51. Cranbury Park, Hampshire, Chamberlayne vol. i
  52. Crossley, Baronet, Baron, Somerleyton, Suffolk vol. iv
  53. Curwen, Workington Hall, Cumberland vol. v


  1. Dalhousie, Earl of, Brechin Castle, Forfarshire vol. vi
  2. Dalkeith Palace, Mid Lothian, Duke of Buccleuch vol. v
  3. Dalton Hall, Yorkshire, Lord Hotham vol. vi
  4. Danbury Palace, Essex, Bishop of Rochester vol. ii
  5. Danesfield House, Buckinghamshire, Stott-Murray vol. v
  6. Darley, Aldby Park, Yorkshire vol. v
  7. Darnley, Earl of, Cobham Hall, Kent vol. ii
  8. Dartrey, County of Monaghan, Ireland, Earl of Dartrey vol. iii
  9. Dartrey, Earl of, Dartrey, County of Monaghan, Ireland vol. iii
  10. Dashbwood, Baronet, Baron, West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire vol. v
  11. Davenport, Capesthorne, Cheshire vol. iii
  12. Davenport, Bramhall Hall, Cheshire vol. v
  13. Dawnay, Beningbrough Hall, Yorkshire vol. v
  14. De Hoghton, Baronet, Baron, Astley Hall, Lancashire vol. v
  15. de L’Isle and Dudley, Lord, Penshurst Castle, Kent vol. iv
  16. Deene Park, Northamptonshire, Countess of Cardigan vol. iv
  17. Denby Grange, Yorkshire, Lister-Kaye, Baronet vol. iv
  18. Dent, Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire vol. i
  19. Denton Park, Yorkshire, Wyvill vol. v
  20. Derby, Earl of, Knowsley Hall, Lancashire vol. i
  21. Devonshire, Duke of, Chatsworth, Derbyshire vol. i
  22. Devonshire, Duke of, Holker Hall, Lancashire vol. vi
  23. Dillon, Viscount, Ditchley House, Oxfordshire vol. v
  24. Ditchley House, Oxfordshire, Viscount Dillon vol. v
  25. Donington Hall, Leicestershire, Abney-Hastings vol. v
  26. Downton Hall, Shropshire, Boughton, Baronet vol. v
  27. Drakelowe Hall, Derbyshire, Gresley, Baronet vol. ii
  28. Dromoland, County Clare, Ireland, Lord Inchiquin vol. iv
  29. Drumlanrig Castle, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, Duke of Buccleuch vol. iv
  30. Drury-Lowe, Locko Park, Derbyshire vol. iv
  31. Dudley, Earl of, Whitley Court, Worcestershire vol. i
  32. Dugdale, Merevale Hall, Warwickshire vol. iii
  33. Dunmore, Earl of, Dunmore Park, Stirlingshire vol. v
  34. Dunmore Park, Stirlingshire, Earl of Dunmore vol. v
  35. Dunnington-Jefferson, Thicket Priory, Yorkshire vol. vi
  36. Dunraven, Earl of, Adare Manor, County Limerick, Ireland vol. iv
  37. Dunrobin Castle, Sutherlandshire, Duke of Sutherland vol. ii
  38. Dunster Castle, Somersetshire, Fownes-Luttrell vol. vi
  39. Durham, Earl of, Lambton Castle, Durham vol. iii


  1. Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire, Earl Somers vol. iv
  2. Easton Hall, Lincolnshire, Chomeley, Baronet vol. iii
  3. Eastwell Park, Kent, Earl of Winchelsea. (The Residence of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh) vol. vi
  4. Eaton Hall, Cheshire, Duke of Westminster vol. i
  5. Eden Hall, Cumberland, Musgrave, Baronet vol. ii
  6. Ednaston Lodge, Derbyshire, Kingdon vol. iv
  7. Eggesford House, Devonshire, Earl of Portsmouth vol. vi
  8. Egmont, Earl of, Cowdray Park, Sussex vol. v
  9. Ellesmere, Earl of, Worsley Hall, Lancashire vol. ii
  10. Elton Hall, Northamptonshire, Earl of Carysfort vol. iv
  11. Elvaston Castle, Derbyshire, Earl of Harrington vol. ii
  12. Eshton Hall, Yorkshire, Wilson, Baronet vol. iii
  13. Essex, Earl of, Cassiobury Park, Hertfordshire vol. ii
  14. Euston Hall, Suffolk, Duke of Grafton vol. iii
  15. Everingham Park, Yorkshire, Lord Herries vol. i
  16. Exeter, Marquis of, Burghley House, Lincolnshire vol. i
  17. Exton House, Rutlandshire, Earl of Gainsborough vol. iv


  1. Falmouth, Viscount, Tregothnan House, Cornwall vol. v
  2. Farnham, Lord, Farnham House, County of Cavan, Ireland vol. i
  3. Farnham House, County of Cavan, Ireland, Lord Farnham vol. i
  4. Fitzhardinge, Baron, Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire vol. vi
  5. Fitzwilliam, Earl, Wentworth Woodhouse, Yorkshire vol. i
  6. Floors Castle, Roxburghshire, Duke of Roxburghe vol. i
  7. Forbes, Lord, Castle Forbes, Aberdeenshire vol. v
  8. Fortescue, Earl, Castle Hill, Devonshire vol. vi
  9. Foster, Apley Park, Shropshire vol. vi
  10. Fownes-Luttrell, Dunster Castle, Somersetshire vol. vi
  11. Franks, Kent, Power vol. i
  12. Fullerton, Thrybergh Park, Yorkshire vol. i


  1. Gage, Hengrave Hall, Suffolk vol. iii
  2. Gainsborough, Earl of, Exton House, Rutlandshire vol. iv
  3. Galloway, Earl of, Galloway House, Wigtownshire vol. iv
  4. Galloway House, Wigtownshire, Earl of Galloway vol. iv
  5. Garnstone, Herefordshire, Peploe vol. i
  6. Gladstone, Hawarden Castle, Flintshire vol. vi
  7. Glamis Castle, Forfarshire, Earl of Strathmore vol. v
  8. Glanusk Park, Brecknockshire, Bailey, Baronet vol. i
  9. Glynde Place, Sussex, Brand vol. v
  10. Gopsal Hall, Leicestershire, Lord Howe vol. ii
  11. Grafton, Duke of, Euston Hall, Suffolk vol. iii
  12. Greene, Nether Hall, Suffolk vol. iv
  13. Gregory, Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire vol. ii
  14. Gresley, Baronet, Baron, Drakelowe Hall, Derbyshire vol. ii
  15. Grey, Earl, Howick Hall, Northumberland vol. vi
  16. Gunton Park, Norfolk, Lord Suffield vol. iv
  17. Guy’s Cliffe, Warwickshire, Percy vol. i


  1. Haddo House, Aberdeenshire, Earl of Aberdeen vol. iv
  2. Hambro, (Baron), Baron, Milton Abbey, Dorsetshire vol. ii
  3. Hamilton, Duke of, Hamilton Palace, Lanarkshire vol. vi
  4. Hamilton Palace, Lanarkshire, Duke of Hamilton vol. vi
  5. Hampton, Lord, Westwood Park, Worcestershire vol. v
  6. Hampton Court, Herefordshire, Arkwright vol. ii
  7. Hanbury, Ilam Hall, Staffordshire vol. i
  8. Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire, Vernon vol. v
  9. Harcourt, Nuneham Park, Berkshire vol. vi
  10. Hardwicke, Earl of, Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire vol. ii
  11. Harewood, Earl of, Harewood House, Yorkshire vol. i
  12. Harewood House, Yorkshire, Earl of Harewood vol. i
  13. Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire, Gregory vol. ii
  14. Harrington, Earl of, Elvaston Castle, Derbyshire vol. ii
  15. Hastings, Lord, Melton Constable, Norfolk vol. vi
  16. Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, Marquis of Salisbury vol. ii
  17. Hawarden Castle, Flintshire, Gladstone vol. vi
  18. Hawkestone, Shropshire, Viscount Hill vol. vi
  19. Heaton Park, Lancashire, Earl of Wilton vol. iv
  20. Helmingham Hall, Suffolk, Baron Tollemache vol. iii
  21. Hemsted Park, Kent, Viscount Cranbrook vol. vi
  22. Hengrave Hall, Suffolk, Gage vol. iii
  23. Herries, Lord, Everingham Park, Yorkshire vol. i
  24. Heythrop, Oxfordshire, Brassey vol. vi
  25. High Cliffe, Hampshire, Marchioness of Waterford vol. v
  26. Hill, Viscount, Hawkestone, Shropshire vol. vi
  27. Holford, Westonbirt House, Gloucestershire vol. iii
  28. Holker Hall, Lancashire, Duke of Devonshire vol. vi
  29. Holm Lacy, Herefordshire, Stanhome, Baronet vol. i
  30. Home-Drummond, Abercairny, Perthshire vol. v
  31. Hornby Castle, Yorkshire, Duke of Leeds vol. v
  32. Hotham, Lord, Dalton Hall, Yorkshire vol. vi
  33. Howe, Lord, Gopsal Hall, Leicestershire vol. ii
  34. Howick Hall, Northumberland, Earl Grey vol. vi
  35. Howsham Hall, Yorkshire, Cholmley vol. i
  36. Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire, Earl of Beaconsfield vol. v
  37. Hutton Hall, Yorkshire, Pease vol. iii
  38. Hutton Hall, Cumberland, Vane, Baronet vol. vi


  1. Ilam Hall, Staffordshire, Hanbury vol. i
  2. Ilchester, Earl of, Melbury House, Dorsetshire vol. ii
  3. Inchiquin, Lord, Dromoland, County Clare, Ireland vol. iv
  4. Ingilby, Baronet, Baron, Ripley Castle, Yorkshire vol. i
  5. Inverary Castle, Argyllshire, Duke of Argyll vol. i


  1. Keele Hall, Staffordshire, Sneyd vol. iii
  2. Kelham Hall, Nottinghamshire, Manners-Sutton vol. iv
  3. Kimberley, Earl of, Kimberley Hall, Norfolk vol. v
  4. Kimberley Hall, Norfolk, Earl of Kimberley vol. v
  5. Kimbolton Castle, Huntingdonshire, Duke of Manchester vol. iii
  6. Kingdon, Ednaston Lodge, Derbyshire vol. iv
  7. Kirtling Tower, Cambridgeshire, Baroness North vol. iv
  8. Knatchbull, Baronet, Baron, Mersham Hatch, Kent vol. v
  9. Knole, Kent, Lord Sackville vol. vi
  10. Knowsley Hall, Lancashire, Earl of Derby vol. i


  1. Lambton Castle, Durham, Earl of Durham vol. iii
  2. Lanesborough, Earl of, Swithland Hall, Leicestershire vol. ii
  3. Lanhydrock House, Cornwall, Lord Robartes vol. v
  4. Lansdowne, Marquis of, Bowood Park, Wiltshire vol. v
  5. Lathom House, Lancashire, Lord Skelmersdale vol. v
  6. Lawton, Lawton Hall, Cheshire vol. iii
  7. Lawton Hall, Cheshire, Lawton vol. iii
  8. Lea, Lincolnshire, Andrson, Baronet vol. i
  9. Lechmere, Baronet, Baron, Rhydd Court, Worcestershire vol. v
  10. Leeds, Duke of, Hornby Castle, Yorkshire vol. v
  11. Leeds Castle, Kent, Wykeham-Martin vol. ii
  12. Levens Hall, Westmoreland, Upton vol. vi
  13. Lilburn Tower, Northumberland, Collingwood vol. vi
  14. Lister-Kaye, Baronet, Baron, Denby Grange, Yorkshire vol. iv
  15. Locko Park, Derbyshire, Drury-Lowe vol. iv
  16. Londonderry, Marquis of, Wynyard Park, Durham vol. iii
  17. Longleat, Wiltshire, Marquis of Bath vol. v
  18. Lonsdale, Earl of, Lowther Castle, Westmoreland vol. ii
  19. Loudoun, Earl of, Willesley Hall, Leicestershire vol. vi
  20. Lowther Castle, Westmoreland, Earl of Lonsdale vol. ii
  21. Lucy, Charlecote, Warwickshire vol. i
  22. Lumley Castle, Durham, Earl of Scarborough vol. iv


  1. Macclesfield, Earl of, Shirburn Castle, Oxfordshire vol. iii
  2. Macdonald, Rossie Castle, Forfarshire vol. v
  3. Mamhead, Devonshire, Newman, Baronet vol. iii
  4. Manchester, Duke of, Kimbolton Castle, Huntingdonshire vol. iii
  5. Manners-Sutton, Kelham Hall, Nottinghamshire vol. iv
  6. Mansfield, Earl of, Scone Palace, Perthshire vol. i
  7. Marchioness of Waterford, High Cliffe, Hampshire vol. v
  8. Marlborough, Duke of, Blenheim, Oxfordshire vol. i
  9. Marton, Capernwray, Lancashire vol. iv
  10. Meer Hall, Worcestershire, Bearcroft vol. vi
  11. Melbury House, Dorsetshire, Earl of Ilchester vol. ii
  12. Melton Constable, Norfolk, Lord Hastings vol. vi
  13. Merevale Hall, Warwickshire, Dugdale vol. iii
  14. Mersham Hatch, Kent, Knatchbull, Baronet vol. v
  15. Methuen, Lord, Corsham Court, Wiltshire vol. ii
  16. Meynell-Ingram, Temple Newsam, Yorkshire vol. i
  17. Middleton, Lord, Wollaton Hall, Nottinghamshire vol. i
  18. Midleton, Viscount, Peper Harow, Surrey vol. iv
  19. Milton Abbey, Dorsetshire, Hambro, (Baron) vol. ii
  20. Mordaunt, Baronet, Baron, Walton Hall, Warwickshire vol. iv
  21. Moreton Hall, Cheshire, Ackers vol. iii
  22. Mosley, Baronet, Baron, Rolleston Hall, Staffordshire vol. iv
  23. Mount Edgcumbe, (Devonshire,) Cornwall, Lord Mount Edgcumbe vol. ii
  24. Mount Edgcumbe, Lord, Mount Edgcumbe, (Devonshire,) Cornwall vol. ii
  25. Mulgrave Castle, Yorkshire, Marquis of Normanby vol. ii
  26. Muncaster, Lord, Muncaster Castle, Cumberland vol. iii
  27. Muncaster Castle, Cumberland, Lord Muncaster vol. iii
  28. Murray, Baronet, Baron, Philiphaugh, Selkirkshire vol. iii
  29. Musgrave, Baronet, Baron, Eden Hall, Cumberland vol. ii


  1. Nelson, Earl, Trafalgar House, Wiltshire vol. iii
  2. Nether Hall, Suffolk, Greene vol. iv
  3. Netherhall, Cumberland, Pocklington-Senhouse vol. vi
  4. Newcastle, Duke of, Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire vol. ii
  5. Newdegate, Arbury Hall, Warwickshire vol. iii
  6. Newman, Baronet, Baron, Mamhead, Devonshire vol. iii
  7. Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire, Webb vol. i
  8. Norfolk, Duke of, Arundel Castle, Sussex vol. iv
  9. Normanby, Marquis of, Mulgrave Castle, Yorkshire vol. ii
  10. Normanhurst, Sussex, Brassey vol. vi
  11. North, Wroxton Abbey, Oxfordshire vol. iii
  12. Northcote, Baronet, Baron, Pynes, Devonshire vol. vi
  13. Northumberland, Duke of, Alnwick Castle, Northumberland vol. ii
  14. Nostel Priory, Yorkshire, Winn vol. v
  15. Nuneham Park, Berkshire, Harcourt vol. vi


  1. Oranmore, Lord, Castle Macgarrett, County of Mayo vol. vi
  2. Orpen, (Knight), Ardtully, Kerry vol. ii
  3. Oxley Manor, Staffordshire, Staveley-Hill vol. iv


  1. Panshanger Park, Hertfordshire, Earl Cowper vol. ii
  2. Pease, Hutton Hall, Yorkshire vol. iii
  3. Peckforton Castle, Cheshire, Baron Tollemache vol. iv
  4. Pembroke and Montgomery, Earl of, Wilton House, Wiltshire vol. i
  5. Penrhyn, Lord, Penrhyn Castle, Carnarvonshoire vol. ii
  6. Penrhyn Castle, Carnarvonshoire, Lord Penrhyn vol. ii
  7. Penshurst Castle, Kent, Lord de L’Isle and Dudley vol. iv
  8. Peper Harow, Surrey, Viscount Midleton vol. iv
  9. Peploe, Garnstone, Herefordshire vol. i
  10. Percy, Guy’s Cliffe, Warwickshire vol. i
  11. Philiphaugh, Selkirkshire, Murray, Baronet vol. iii
  12. Phillips, Picton Castle, Pembrokeshire vol. i
  13. Picton Castle, Pembrokeshire, Phillips vol. i
  14. Pocklington-Senhouse, Netherhall, Cumberland vol. vi
  15. Portsmouth, Earl of, Eggesford House, Devonshire vol. vi
  16. Power, Franks, Kent vol. i
  17. Powerscourt, County of Wicklow, Viscount Powerscourt vol. iii
  18. Powerscourt, Viscount, Powerscourt, County of Wicklow vol. iii
  19. Powis, Earl of, Powis Castle, Montgomeryshire vol. vi
  20. Powis Castle, Montgomeryshire, Earl of Powis vol. vi
  21. Preston Hall, Kent, Brassey vol. iii
  22. Pynes, Devonshire, Northcote, Baronet vol. vi


  1. Raby Castle, Durham, Duke of Cleveland vol. ii
  2. Ravensworth, Lord, Ravensworth Castle, Durham vol. v
  3. Ravensworth Castle, Durham, Lord Ravensworth vol. v
  4. Rhydd Court, Worcestershire, Lechmere, Baronet vol. v
  5. Ripley Castle, Yorkshire, Ingilby, Baronet vol. i
  6. Ripon, Marquis of, Studley Royal, Yorkshire vol. v
  7. Robartes, Lord, Lanhydrock House, Cornwall vol. v
  8. Rolle, Stevenstone Park, Devonshire vol. vi
  9. Rolleston Hall, Staffordshire, Mosley, Baronet vol. iv
  10. Rosse, Earl of, Birr Castle, King's County, Ireland vol. iii
  11. Rossie Castle, Forfarshire, Macdonald vol. v
  12. Rossmore, Lord, Rossmore Park, County of Monaghan, Ireland vol. iii
  13. Rossmore Park, County of Monaghan, Ireland, Lord Rossmore vol. iii
  14. Roxburghe, Duke of, Floors Castle, Roxburghshire vol. i
  15. Rushout, Baronet, Baron, Sezincot, Gloucestershire vol. iii
  16. Rushton Hall, Northamptonshire, Clarke-Thornhill vol. iv
  17. Rutland, Duke of, Belvoir Castle, Lincolnshire vol. ii


  1. Sackville, Lord, Knole, Kent vol. vi
  2. Salisbury, Marquis of, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire vol. ii
  3. Sandbeck Park, Yorkshire, Earl of Scarborough vol. v
  4. Sandringham, Norfolk, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales vol. iii
  5. Saye and Sele, Lord, Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire vol. iii
  6. Scarborough, Earl of, Lumley Castle, Durham vol. iv
  7. Scarborough, Earl of, Sandbeck Park, Yorkshire vol. v
  8. Scone Palace, Perthshire, Earl of Mansfield vol. i
  9. Scott, Abbotsford, Roxburghshire vol. v
  10. Sezincot, Gloucestershire, Rushout, Baronet vol. iii
  11. Shelton Abbey, County Wicklow, Ireland, Earl of Wicklow vol. iv
  12. Shirburn Castle, Oxfordshire, Earl of Macclesfield vol. iii
  13. Shrewsbury and Talbot, Earl of, Alton Towers, Staffordshire vol. i
  14. Skelmersdale, Lord, Lathom House, Lancashire vol. v
  15. Smith-Marriott, Baronet, Baron, The Down House, Dorsetshire vol. v
  16. Smyth-Pigott, Brockley Hall, Somersetshire vol. vi
  17. Sneyd, Keele Hall, Staffordshire vol. iii
  18. Sneyd, Ashcombe Park, Staffordshire vol. iv
  19. Somerleyton, Suffolk, Crossley, Baronet vol. iv
  20. Somers, Earl, Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire vol. iv
  21. St. Albans, Duke of, Bestwood Lodge, Nottinghamshire vol. iii
  22. St. Aubyn, Baronet, Baron, St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall vol. iii
  23. St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, St. Aubyn, Baronet vol. iii
  24. Stanhome, Baronet, Baron, Holm Lacy, Herefordshire vol. i
  25. Staveley-Hill, Oxley Manor, Staffordshire vol. iv
  26. Stevenstone Park, Devonshire, Rolle vol. vi
  27. Stott-Murray, Danesfield House, Buckinghamshire vol. v
  28. Stourton, Yorkshire, Lord Stourton vol. ii
  29. Stourton, Lord, Stourton, Yorkshire vol. ii
  30. Stowe Park, Buckinghamshire, Duke and Marquis of Buckingham and Chandos vol. ii
  31. Stowlangtoft Hall, Suffolk, Wilson vol. iii
  32. Strathmore, Earl of, Glamis Castle, Forfarshire vol. v
  33. Studley Castle, Warwickshire, Walker vol. iii
  34. Studley Royal, Yorkshire, Marquis of Ripon vol. v
  35. Sudeley, Lord, Toddington Park, Gloucestershire vol. v
  36. Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire, Dent vol. i
  37. Suffield, Lord, Gunton Park, Norfolk vol. iv
  38. Sundorne Castle, Shropshire, Corbet-Pigott vol. vi
  39. Sutherland, Duke of, Trentham Hall, Staffordshire vol. i
  40. Sutherland, Duke of, Dunrobin Castle, Sutherlandshire vol. ii
  41. Swithland Hall, Leicestershire, Earl of Lanesborough vol. ii
  42. Sykes, Brantingham Thorpe, Yorkshire vol. iii


  1. Tankerville, Earl of, Chillingham Castle, Northumberland vol. vi
  2. Taymouth Castle, Perthshire, Earl of Breadalbane vol. ii
  3. Temple Newsam, Yorkshire, Meynell-Ingram vol. i
  4. The Down House, Dorsetshire, Smith-Marriott, Baronet vol. v
  5. The Royal Family, Windsor Castle, Berkshire vol. i
  6. The Royal Private Residence, Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire vol. i
  7. Thicket Priory, Yorkshire, Dunnington-Jefferson vol. vi
  8. Throckmorton, Baronet, Baron, Coughton Court, Warwickshire vol. iii
  9. Thrybergh Park, Yorkshire, Fullerton vol. i
  10. Toddington Park, Gloucestershire, Lord Sudeley vol. v
  11. Tollemache, Baron, Helmingham Hall, Suffolk vol. iii
  12. Tollemache, Baron, Peckforton Castle, Cheshire vol. iv
  13. Trafalgar House, Wiltshire, Earl Nelson vol. iii
  14. Tregothnan House, Cornwall, Viscount Falmouth vol. v
  15. Trentham Hall, Staffordshire, Duke of Sutherland vol. i
  16. Tufton, Baronet, Baron, Appleby Castle, Westmoreland vol. iv
  17. Tyttenhanger Park, Hertfordshire, Countess of Caledon vol. iv


  1. Ugbrooke, Devonshire, Lord Clifford vol. ii
  2. Underley Hall, Westmoreland, Earl of Bective vol. iv
  3. Upton, Levens Hall, Westmoreland vol. vi


  1. Vane, Baronet, Baron, Hutton Hall, Cumberland vol. vi
  2. Vernon, Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire vol. v


  1. Wales, His Royal Highness the Prince of, Sandringham, Norfolk vol. iii
  2. Walker, Studley Castle, Warwickshire vol. iii
  3. Walter, Bearwood, Berkshire vol. vi
  4. Walton Hall, Warwickshire, Mordaunt, Baronet vol. iv
  5. Warter Priory, Yorkshire, Wilson vol. vi
  6. Warwick, Earl of, Warwick Castle, Warwickshire vol. i
  7. Warwick Castle, Warwickshire, Earl of Warwick vol. i
  8. Webb, Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire vol. i
  9. Wentworth Woodhouse, Yorkshire, Earl Fitzwilliam vol. i
  10. West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, Dashbwood, Baronet vol. v
  11. Westminster, Duke of, Eaton Hall, Cheshire vol. i
  12. Westminster, Duke of, Cliveden, Berkshire vol. vi
  13. Westonbirt House, Gloucestershire, Holford vol. iii
  14. Westwood Park, Worcestershire, Lord Hampton vol. v
  15. Whitley Court, Worcestershire, Earl of Dudley vol. i
  16. Wicklow, Earl of, Shelton Abbey, County Wicklow, Ireland vol. iv
  17. Willesley Hall, Leicestershire, Earl of Loudoun vol. vi
  18. Williams-Wynn, Baronet, Baron, Wynnstay, Denbighshire vol. iii
  19. Willoughby de Broke, Lord, Compton Verney, Warwickshire vol. iii
  20. Willyams, Carnanton, Cornwall vol. iv
  21. Wilson, Stowlangtoft Hall, Suffolk vol. iii
  22. Wilson, Warter Priory, Yorkshire vol. vi
  23. Wilson, Baronet, Baron, Eshton Hall, Yorkshire vol. iii
  24. Wilton, Earl of, Heaton Park, Lancashire vol. iv
  25. Wilton House, Wiltshire, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery vol. i
  26. Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire, Earl of Hardwicke vol. ii
  27. Winchelsea. (The Residence of Edinburgh), Earl of, Eastwell Park, Kent vol. vi
  28. Windsor Castle, Berkshire, The Royal Family vol. i
  29. Winn, Nostel Priory, Yorkshire vol. v
  30. Witchingham Hall, Norfolk, Viscount Canterbury vol. iv
  31. Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire, Duke of Bedford vol. ii
  32. Wollaton Hall, Nottinghamshire, Lord Middleton vol. i
  33. Wolseley Hall, Staffordshire, Wolseley, Baronet vol. iii
  34. Wolseley, Baronet, Baron, Wolseley Hall, Staffordshire vol. iii
  35. Workington Hall, Cumberland, Curwen vol. v
  36. Worsley Hall, Lancashire, Earl of Ellesmere vol. ii
  37. Wroxton Abbey, Oxfordshire, North vol. iii
  38. Wycombe Abbey, Buckinghamshire, Lord Carrington vol. vi
  39. Wykeham-Martin, Leeds Castle, Kent vol. ii
  40. Wynnstay, Denbighshire, Williams-Wynn, Baronet vol. iii
  41. Wynyard Park, Durham, Marquis of Londonderry vol. iii
  42. Wytham Abbey, Oxfordshire, Earl of Abingdon vol. ii
  43. Wyvill, Denton Park, Yorkshire vol. v


  1. Zetland, Earl of, Aske Hall, Yorkshire vol. v

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